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Common publish/embed issues

Product image missing

Before publishing your product, you will need to add a product image to your Product Properties.

To learn more, check out Product Properties

Embed settings not working correctly

Configure viewer settings

To avoid issues with the embed code, you should always copy the settings from the Configure embed options menu.

You can use this test website to try out your embed code:

Brand viewer settings (business pro)

To avoid embed code issues, use Brand viewer settings to add them globally to all products assigned to the brand.

Brand viewer settings will not override settings in the embed code

Model not visible in AR

Model positioning

Your model should always be centered to the Axis point for it show in AR correctly.

Model size

You should always confirm your model size with the 3D data dimensions.

Custom AR assets

If the AR asset generated on publish have issues, you can use the Custom AR assets to upload you own working USDZ / GLB assets.

Updated on: 21/01/2022

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