Uploading 3D Models

To uploading your 3D assets, drag & drop your file(s) to the product page.

If you are having issues uploading your assets, check out Common uploading issues


Uploaded meshes will appear to your Meshes and to your Scene. You can also choose to add additional meshes or meshes that you have deleted back to the scene.

Drag & drop the mesh icon to the 3D viewer to add it to the Scene
Click the + icon inside the Scene to create a new Node

Uploading & Processing

All uploaded 3D assets are converted into glTF. This is the format we use internally on the viewer.

Maximum upload size per file
There is a maximum upload size for assets which is around 50MB per file (OBJ). However, there is no maximum product size.

Maximum meshes per file
The maximum amount of individual meshes you can upload in a single file which is around 25. If this threshold is exceeded, all meshes will be merged into one single mesh.

There is no maximum mesh amount per product but it is recommended to meshes that share materials before upload.

Maximum polygon amount
There is no maximum polygon amount in the Platform, but for optimal performance, products should not exceed 200k polygons. This limitation is especially important to improve performance in mobile devices and AR assets.

Draco compressor
All 3D assets are compressed with Draco compression. This reduces the data to 1/10th of the original file size. However, when product polycount goes over 200k, this will start causing issues on low end mobile devices.

For more information, you should check out Preparing 3D assets for the Platform

Import formats

The Sayduck Platform supports the following formats: OBJ, FBX, GLB, GLTF, 3DS, 3MF, DAE and STL. We strongly recommend you use OBJ since it is our best supported and most tested format. GLB and GLTF are great alternatives which also support PBR materials.

Recommended file formats

.glTF (local, remote, embedded)

Other file formats (experimental)


Upload Units (only for obj)

Upload unit determines the size of your model on upload. The Sayduck Platform uses centimeters (cm) as the default upload unit.

The upload unit should match your export units used in your 3D modelling software.

3D Data Dimensions

You can confirm your model size by displaying 3D data dimensions. This is the size the model will be in AR assets.

Other mesh related features

Camera Ignore

Meshes with camera ignore will be ignored in the initial camera angle.

Camera ignore will not work on meshes that share a group in the Scene Hierarchy

Download source

Downloads the uploaded file that created the selected mesh.

Replace Mesh

Replace Mesh can be used to easily update individual meshes. Uploaded mesh will automatically replace the older mesh in all active 3D scenes.

Delete Mesh

Deletes mesh and removes it from all the 3D scenes.

Clear all unused meshes

Will delete all meshes that are not assigned to a 3D scene.

Search mesh

Search mesh by name inside and outside of folders

Mesh folder

Create a mesh folder

Mesh folders can be created with this icon.

Add mesh/folder to folder

Drag & drop to upload meshes/folders to the folder.

Upload folder to scene

Drag & drop mesh folder to upload all meshes to the scene.

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