Selecting a Variant opens a menu from which you can edit the name, picker colour and add shadow plane or annotations.


Edits Variant name displayed in Platform and on the 3D viewers picker.

Swatch colour
Changes the colour in the Variant picker.

Add Variants

Add Variant duplicated the currently active 3D scene into a new variant. Note that the new variant shares the materials with the original so you should assign new materials to the nodes rather than editing the active ones.

Each variant represents a individual 3D scene that you can edit, but nodes in the scene might share materials.

Remove and add nodes

Delete node
To delete a node from the scene, select it from the 3D viewer or from the Scene hierarchy and hit delete.

Add node
To add a node to the scene, drag and drop a mesh to the 3D viewer or click Add node.

More information you can find from Scene.

Shadow plane

Add an ground shadow to your product by attaching a Shadow plane mesh and texture.

You can find more information from Product shading (ambient occlusion)

Replace Shadow plane image rather than the mesh. Deleting Shadow plane mesh will remove this mesh from all of the Variants.

Annotation (Premium)

Apply annotation to the variant from the Annotations tab.

You can find more information from Annotations.

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