Each variant represents the 3D scene that you can in the 3D viewer. The 3D scene consists of your global and variant settings.

Global settings are applied to all the variants in your product

Lights and environment settings
Camera settings
Post processing filters

Variant settings are applied only to your active variant

Mesh and material assignments
General information
Shadow planes
AR assets
Mesh and material assignments (configurators)

Create a new Variant

To create a new variant, click the Add variant button. This will duplicates your active Variant in to a new one.

Each variant represents a individual 3D scene that you can edit, but nodes in the scene might share materials.

Edit variant 3D scene

Delete node
To delete a node from the scene, select it from the 3D viewer or from the Scene hierarchy and hit delete.

Add node
To add a node to the scene, drag and drop a mesh to the 3D viewer or click Add node.

More information you can find from Scene.

Select Variant

Selecting a variant will open the Variant information tab. From there, you can edit the variant information and access variant specific features.

Edits Variant name displayed in Platform and on the 3D viewers picker.

Swatch colour
Changes the colour in the Variant picker.

Display position
Changes the order of your variants

Variant image will be used as the preview image on the click-to-load embed setting.

You hide or show variants by changing their status.

Live: Visible in the variant picker
Invisible: Hidden from the variant picker, but can be loaded with custom event.
Offline: Will not be added to live viewer.

Custom AR assets

Assets uploaded to here will be used as the web AR assets. This can be used to add AR files with VTO or animations properties.

Apple AR asset

Accepted format:


Android AR asset

Accepted format:


This feature is not supported in configurators.

Shadow plane

Generate shadow

You can generate a ground shadow for your product from the variant information.

Falloff: Increase the distance the shadow will spread to.

Shadow will be added automatically to the variant after you click the Generate button

Upload shadow assets

Add an ground shadow to your product by attaching a Shadow plane mesh and texture.

You can find more information from Product shading (ambient occlusion)

Accepted 3D format:

.glTF (local, remote, embedded)

Accepted texture format:


Replace Shadow plane image rather than the mesh. Deleting Shadow plane mesh will remove this mesh from all of the Variants.


Apply annotation to the variant from the Annotations tab.

You can find more information from Annotations.

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