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Migration guide

This article will show you how to start using the new Sayduck 3D Viewer.

We encourage you to take the required steps to migrate to the new Sayduck 3D Viewer before the previous viewer is discontinued on August 31, 2023, 1:00 AM UTC.

1. Inspect your product in the editor 3D viewer

First, check that your product looks correct in the editor 3D Viewer. This can be easily done by opening the Variants & Configurations menu from the bottom.

2. Publish your product

When everything looks correct, click the Publish found in the migration tab.

We have changed the assets used in the Viewer, so this step is needed even if your product was already published.

This will not effect your live product using our old 3D Viewer

After this, check that your product looks and loads correctly in the new Sayduck 3D Viewer with the Preview button.

3. Migrate embed code

After your product has been Published, go to your Embed section and click on the Configure embed code.

Toggle the New 3D viewer, Copy & Paste the code to your website.

Click the highlighted button (...)
Toggle New 3D Viewer
Select Viewer settings (optional)
Click Copy & Paste Embed code to your website

What changed in the Embed code?

The only notable change is the addition of mode to the embed code. Products are now labeled as either mode="variants" or mode="configurator"

Otherwise, we have simplified the Embed code to help you apply settings more easily.

Instant Viewer embed code

<div style="min-width:300px;width:100%;height:450px;">
</div><script src="" type="module" async></script>

Custom API Integration

If you are using a custom API integration, check our new updated Sayduck 3D Viewer API documentation.

4. Finalize Migration

Once you have embedded the new Sayduck 3D Viewer, you can Finalize Migration.

After this, you will no longer have access to the old Sayduck 3D Viewer on this product.

Updated on: 07/03/2023

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