The Sayduck Platform allows customers manage products from different brands.


Organization page can be found from the menu on the top right. It holds information related to brands, 3D viewer restrictions and members.

Custom brands (Business pro)

You can add new custom brand by filling up these details name (required), icon and you can also add an website link to the icon.

The default logo will be the Sayduck logo, but you replace that with the brand icon by dropping an image to the icon slot.

This new logo will then be displayed on the bottom left corner of an embedded 3D viewer.

Accepted files: .jpg & .png.


This brand name will only be displayed within the Platform.


By default, the logo links to https;// To change this, you will need to type in an alternative page.

Viewer settings

Update viewer settings for the products assigned to the brand. All changes will be applied to the live 3D viewers, but the embed options in the embed code will take priority over the Brand viewer settings.

Annotation Styling

Customize the font and color of your products annotation to fit the brands theme. This feature is not enabled by default, but can be added on request.

Assigning brands to products

You can assign brands to individual products from the Product Properities.

After assigning a brand to a product, the brand logo and website link will be added to the embedded 3D viewer (the brand name only displays within the Platform and on the Shareable Preview).

3D Viewer Restriction for embeds (Business Pro)

In order to control which website can use your embed, you can either whitelist them (enable a list of websites to use your embed) or blacklist them (prevent certain websites from using your embed).

You can limit which websites can use your embeds in bottom of the Organisation panel by simply adding the the URLs of the websites.

White list pages

List URLs that are permitted for the 3D viewer (leave empty to enable all).

Black list pages

List URLs that are not permitted for the 3D viewer listed URLs.

Organization members

See users with access to the account.
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