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Reference Material

Reference material

This article goes thought all the information we need to create accurate 3D models of your products.

Product image

We need photos of the product from all its angles - top, bottom, back, front, right and left. Each photo will help us get a better picture of the

When taking photos of your product, here are the guidelines you should:

Make sure that your product is well lit and in focus.
Take extra photos of any unique structures or surfaces.

Product surface

The surface details are not always well understood from distant product photos. To help us get accurate detail the surface of a product, we will need high quality photos.

When taking photos of your product surface, here are few guidelines you should take into account:

Make sure that the surface is well lit and in focus.
Take the images facing the surface directly from a 90 degree angle.
Take multiple close up images ranging from 5-20 cm.

Unique structure and materials

For products with unique structure, it is important you provide us with enough reference material for us to get a clear understanding of the product. For example the structure of a seam on sofa pillow is hard to see from distant photos.

This also includes unique materials such as wood and fabrics. Since these materials have a direction that they follow, we need detailed descriptions of these directions.


When we create 3D models, we take into account all reference material provided to us. With detailed measurements, we are able to create accurate 3D models of your product.

Here are the guidelines you should follow:

Add detailed information of all relevant dimension.
Provide the measurements in cm.
Include a photo that clearly displays these dimensions.

Technical drawings / CAD files

Technical drawing and CAD files (.3ds, .stp, .igs, .iges, .3dm, .sldprt...) are the best for of reference material. These files provide us with all the relevant information regarding unique structures as well as dimensions.

If you have technical drawings or CAD files associated of your product, include those as well.

Updated on: 04/05/2020

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