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Sayduck Platform & 3D Viewer 2.0

This article explain you our new and improved Sayduck Platform and Sayduck 3D Viewer.

Sayduck Platform 2.0: User interface & experience

The new Sayduck Platform is a powerful improvement of the existing platform that leads us to an enhanced user experience with improved speed, performance, and reliability.


We have now changed a lot in the way we load assets and options which in turn improves the performance and user experience in the Platform.

Loading speed

We have improved the loading speed of all interactions including variant selections and material changes.

User interface

When designing our new user interface, we wanted to keep the best parts of our old interface while improving the overall visual experience.

New features


We have added Analytics showing key metrics such as monthly 3D & AR views and your total product count. These are the metrics requested by many our customers.

Camera positions

Camera positions can now be added to your product within the Platform.

With Camera positions enabled, you can navigate through different parts of your product using the arrows in the viewer. These positions can also be integrated to the configuration & variant selections using viewer API.

Custom 3D Text (beta)

Custom 3D Text adds a text node to your product. The text can be updated with an API call.

We have added Smart search tool to the product editor that allows you to search and use features from the search bar.

Sayduck 3D Viewer 2.0: Speed & performance

The new Sayduck 3D Viewer is a significant leap forward in 3D viewing technology. It is faster, more responsive and making it easier to showcase your products to the customers.

Website performance

We have made significant improvements to the performance of the 3D Viewer and its effect on the performance of the webpage.

Loading speed

We understand that the loading time of the 3D Viewer is one of the most important things. To make our 3D Viewer the fastest in the market, we built the new Viewer with this in mind.

Configurator products

We have improved the overall user experience in Configurator products by removing the few second delay on each selection. Now, each configurator option will load instantly.

User interface

We have changed the 3D Viewer interface to better highlight features such as AR and added new animations.

New features

Real time dimension

The Dimensions on the viewer will now display the actual size of the assets and will work on configurators with various size options.

Localisation (new language options)

Allows customer to change the text used in the 3D viewer by adding a viewer setting to the embed code with a json file.


Quality preset for the viewer

There are now two quality options for the viewer - Performance & Quality that can be enabled from the viewer settings.


Performance Reduced rendering and texture quality for customers looking for the optimal performance

Quality Improved rendering and visual quality for customers looking for the optimal visual experience

New variant loading strategy

We have added new loading strategies to the viewer changing the way Variant are loaded. Choose the one that works best for you product for the optimal user experience.


"defer" Prioritizes on loading first variant and after keeps downloading variants when page is idle. (default)

"eager" Shows loading overlay until all variants are loaded.

"lazy" Only loads first variant and other variants are loaded when selected. This is not yet supported in configurators.

Dynamic Scene API (advanced)

The Dynamic Scene API will let you update translate, rotate and scale nodes in the scene using the Viewer API.

How to start using the new Sayduck 3D viewer?

To start using the new Sayduck 3D Viewer today, follow the easy steps listed in our Migration guide.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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