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Getting Started

Getting Started

We know that jumping into the world of 3D can be challenging. This is why we created in-depth tutorial videos to help you.

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Create a New Product

To create a New Product, simply click the Add product button.

1. Uploading 3D assets

Sayduck Platform requires you to have your own 3D assets in order to start uploading.

Supported upload files:


Can I use the Platform without any 3D assets?

Each customer will have a Tutorial product with pre-existing 3D assets. This product can be used to try out our features.

2. Editing your 3D scene

Once you have uploaded your 3D model, it will be added to your 3D scene and displayed in the 3D viewer. After this, you can choose to make changes to it.

To learn more, check out this tutorial video:

3. Publish & Embed

When you are happy with your product, click the Publish button.

After your publishing has been processed, you will see your Embed 3D Viewer options.

(...) icon opens the Configure embed code menu to change Viewer settings.

Preview opens the product shareable preview link to check how it looks when embedded.

Copy code lets you to copy the Embed code which you can add then to your website.

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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