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Baked & Tiled Textures

Baked & Tiled texture

To learn about Baked & Tiled texture, check out this in-depth video:

Baked textures

Baked textures are baked to a specific model and will applied the texture according to that models UV mapping.

When to use baked textures?

Baked textures should primarily be used only when there is no repeatable pattern in your model like for shadows (Occlusion texture).

Tiled textures

Tiled textures are created from a close up image of a material. They have repeatable pattern that will be applied to the whole model.

How does a tiled texture work?

Tiled texture are created to have pattern that can be reused or repeated multiple times.

How to apply tiling?

Tiling will specify how many times the Tiled texture will be repeated and in what way.

When to use tiled textures?

It is recommended to use Tiled textures when ever possible as with them you can get 4096x4096 resolution (23MB) with the data of 512px (360KB) image.

Updated on: 07/03/2023

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