UV Mapping

UV mapping is the process of defining how the surface of a 3D model’s will be displayed on a 2D space. Each section of the surface will be place to 1:1 2D space and this will act as a map which control which parts of the texture is displayed on a given surface.

It is a process that has to be done in a 3D software before importing your product to the Sayduck Platform.

When unwrapping UVs, you have to take into account the structure of your model. When the UVs have been unwrapped correctly, there will not be any deformations on the texture. Below you can see examples of the incorrect and correct UV maps on the Hay - About a Lounge Chair product.

To get a better idea on the UV maps, here you can see the actual UV maps of each product. The correct UVs were generated manually and the incorrect were done with a automatic UV unwrap. The automatic UV unwrap of a 3D software works on simple shapes, but you will need to do manual work on more complex structures.

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