Annotations are interactable notes that have a camera position and a position on your product. They are used to highlight and give additional information the most important parts of your product.

Test out the live version: Case is my life

How to add annotation a product

To each annotation, you can add a title, content and a link in a form of a button. Follow the steps below to add annotation to your product:

Open Annotation tab (found in each Variant)
Create a New Annotation
Angle the 3D viewer camera to your desired location
Left-click a location on the product you wish to add your annotation
Fill in your desired information
Click Create annotation

Rearrange annotations

To rearrange your annotations, drag and drop the annotation to the previous or next place on the list.

Moving annotations

To change the location of the annotation, angle your camera, click a new location on the 3D viewer and hit Save.

Chain annotations

Arrows on the annotation allow you to swap between your annotations. You can adjust the order of the chain by rearranging your annotations.

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