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Annotations are 3D text fields that can be used to highlight parts of your product.

How to add Annotation?

To add an Annotation, click on the + Add annotation.

To change Annotation position, Click the surface of your model while Edit position on click is enabled.

Add description of the highlighted part of your model.

To choose Camera position for the Annotation, navigate the camera to desired location and click Create.

Once done, toggle off Edit position on click.

Customise annotation color

The annotation color can be changed to better fit your brand colors.

Add Annotations before creating new Variants

Annotations are attached to that specific Variant so you should add them to your first Variant before creating the rest.

How to apply Annotations to all Variants in a Configurator?

To apply Annotations to a Configurator globally, you can create a separate configurator for them.

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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