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Exports (AR/3D-files)

This article show you how to easily export and convert 3D scene into AR 3D file.

Export your products into AR 3D-files

To export your product, go to the Embed & Export tab and click one of the file format. Once your asset has been processed, it will be downloaded and sent to your email.

glTF Widely used 3D file format that supports PBR materials that is optimized for WebGL and other APIs.

GLB is a glTF packed into one file, or in other words, the binary form of glTF.

USDZ is an Augmented Reality 3D-file for Apple devices that can be viewed on iOS devices running iOS 12 and higher. Perfect for web AR and apps.

Export settings

Export all variants When enabled, you can export all variants with one click. Works only on Variant products.

Hide shadow plane Removes shadow plane from exported asset file. Should be used when using assets for AR.

Draco compression Compresses mesh data, but asset that can not be edited afterwards.

Deduplicate assets Merges and removes identical assets.

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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