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Virtual photogrammetry (HD Render)

The Sayduck Platforms Photorealistic Renderer has a user friendly “one-click” design, which can be used to render studio quality product photos with just a click of a button. Its use requires no prior knowledge or tweaking of settings since the framework is optimized to accurately calculate the physical behaviors of real-world materials and their interaction with light.

HD Render

Our server-side rendering to take photorealistic renderings of your product without draining any of your time or slowing down your computer.

Choose Camera angle and click HD Render. After the rendering is finished, the image will be downloaded and users will receive an email with a download link.

HD Render settings

You can customize the rendering result with from the HD Rendering settings.

Credits Each subscription has a fixed amount of monthly rendering credits that renew. Extra one time credits can be purchased from get more credits.

Watermarked renders Watermarked renders can be used to find the perfect camera angle for your product without consuming rendering credits.

No shadow plane Removes shadow plane from the rendered image.

Background color / image Change image background color or add an background image.

Horizontal & Vertical angle The camera angle from which the image is taken. Zooming distance is fixed.

Resolution Choose the resolution of the image from 128 to 4096 px. While testing, it is advisable to use lower resolution.

Field of view Changes the Field of view on the rendering.

Denoiser Reduces noise from the image.

Low Quality (Photo studio)

Low Quality allows customer to take 4k images of their product. These images do not consume any credits and will accurately reflect what is displayed in the editor 3D Viewer.

To use, simply navigate camera to any position and click Snap to take an image.

If some of your product is not visible in the image, zoom out and take another.

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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