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Shadows are an important element to make the product look more realistic.

Contact Shadows

To add ground shadows, click Shadows on your menu and select Enable ground shadows

If Ground shadows are not added to your live 3D Viewer, disable and enable ground shadows before publishing your product

Shadow plane

To add Shadow plane or contact shadow to your product, upload assets to the Variant information.

Shadow plane texture: JPG or none transparent PNG with the contact shadow. Fully while part of the texture will become transparent.

Shadow plane (mesh): The mesh used for the shadow. You can upload both horizontal and vertical meshes depending on where the shadow should appear.

Product Shadows

To add shadows to a model, you will need to upload a Ambient Occlusion (AO) texture to the Material.

Creating Ambient occlusion texture

The Ambient occlusion (AO) texture is created in a 3D modelling software. The shadow properties are baked into a texture which can them be uploaded to a Material.

For more information, search a guide from YouTube: How to bake AO texture

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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