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Folders (product/mesh/material)

Product folder

Product folders are used to store products. To create a new folder, click on the Add folder button.

Rename & delete folder

Once a folder is selected, you can rename it or delete it from the highlighted buttons. Note that this will also delete all the products assigned to the folder.

Assign Product to folder

Drag & drop product to a Folder to assign it and to All products to remove it.

Material/mesh folder

Material/mesh/library folders are used to store either Materials or Meshes.

To create a Folder, click one of the highlighted button.

Assign asset to Folder

Drag & drop asset to a folder to assign it.

Drag & drop asset to the back arrow to remove it from the folder.

Change Folder name & Delete button

Select a folder and click highlighted area to change name or delete folder.

Save Material Folder to library

Click the highlighted button, to save your Material folder to your Library.

Upload Mesh Folder folder to scene

Drag & drop a Mesh folder to the 3D scene to upload all meshes to the scene.

Updated on: 07/03/2023

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