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Lights - What & How to use?

Scene Lights are used to highlight the surface details, create new colors and build the scene atmosphere.

The lighting will not be applied to web AR viewer. If you add additional lighting, please check that the materials on the 3D viewer match with the AR.

How to add new light to the scene?

To add light, click the Add light button in the 3D scene tab and choose a light type.

Ambient lighting lights up the whole scene. It does not have a specific direction.

Directional The directional simulates the light emitted by the sun.

Point light simulate a small light source, such as light bulbs.

Spot light simulates a light source with a direction and adjustable lighting area, such as a desk lamp.

Rectangular light is a light that has properties from a spot light and a directional light, such as a compute screen.

Adjust light location

Adjusting lighting location works with the Type-in transformation units of x, y, z. All of the light will target 0, 0, 0 on the scene by default.

Alternatively, you can enable the free transform and use the pivot arrows.


Enables the toggle light on/off tool to the 3D viewer.

Light color

Changes the color of the emitted light.

Light settings

Each of the lights has its own settings.

Intensity Changes the overall brightness of the light. If your light is too strong, consider moving it further from the object.

Penumbra Fades in the light edges

Angle Increase the area of a spot light

Distance The distance the light will be carried (0 is infinite)

Position The location of the light in the scene. This also effects the direction the light is coming from.

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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