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Mesh Replacement

Mesh replacement

Mesh replacement is a condition you can add to a Variant that changes a Mesh in the 3D scene to another while the Variant is selected.

Source: Selected Mesh that will be removed/changed
Replacement: Source Mesh will be changed to the selected Mesh (leave empty to remove Source mesh)
Add replacement: Will add the replacement condition to the Variant.

Replacement to remove a Mesh

Sometimes you will need a variant in another configuration to remove a mesh while active.

To remove the Armchair Mesh, simply add Mesh replacement: [armrest -> nothing] and the mesh will be removed.

Replace incorrect Mesh with correct one

After removing the armrest, we notice that our legs mesh is not correct. They are cut to fit the armrest.

To fix this, we can add another Mesh replacement: [legs -> legs no armrest]

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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