Transformations (TRS)

Moving, rotating and scaling products is simple with our Transformations tools. You can transform your product with accurate type-in values or with a free mode.

All transformations will be applied to the AR model when published or exported.

Translate Move your product in the 3D scene.

Rotate Rotate meshes or groups in the 3D scene

Scale Scale your product. This will change dimensions the true of your product.

You can use this to correct products that were imported with wrong upload unit.

Free Transformations

To enable free TRS mode, click the icon on the top right corner of your Scene box.

When enabled, select a node in the scene you wish to move, rotate or scale.

Use the arrow icons on your node to move, rotate or scale. You can reset the values by adjusting the type-in values back to default.

Type-in Transformations

Transformation type-in values can be found from Node or Group information. Type-in values allow you to accurately transform your product.

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