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UV Transform (Tiling)

UV Transform or tiling is a material extension used to transform your texture without adding additional data to your product.


Tiling is used to repeat the Texture in X and Y axis.


Offset is used to adjust the position of the texture on your object in the X and Y axis.


Rotation is used to rotate the texture on your object.

Tiled texture

Tiled textures are created from a close up image of a material. They have repeatable pattern that will be applied to the whole model.

They are created to have pattern that can be reused or repeated multiple times.

When to use tiled textures?

It is recommended to use Tiled textures when ever possible as with them you can get 4096x4096 resolution (23MB) with the data of 512px (360KB) image.

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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