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Camera - What & How to use?

Camera renders the 3D scene in real-time and allows us to see the final product. It is always centered on the object and rotates around it.

How to use it?

To learn how to make changes to the Camera setting, check out this video.

Change Camera settings

From the Camera settings, you can edit the initial camera angle, limit camera angle, apply auto-rotation and many more.

Field of view

Increases the field of view in the viewer.

Initial (angle/zoom)

Changes the camera angle/zoom on the viewer load

Range (angle/zoom)

Limits the zooming distance and horizontal/vertical rotate range

Speed (rotate/zoom)

Adjusts rotation and zoom speed

Rotation inertia

The time it takes the rotation to stop after interaction

Auto-rotation speed

Enables auto-rotation and its speed

Camera Ignore

By default, the 3D viewer will always center on all the Nodes in the 3D Scene.

Camera Ignore can be used to make the 3D viewer focus only on the desired models.

How to enable Camera Ignore?

To enable, select the Mesh and click Camera Ignore.

Camera Ignore not working?

For the Camera Ignore to work, the ignored Mesh can not be in the same group as the not ignored Meshes.

To move the Mesh, drag & drop it out of the Group.

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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