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Template product

Template product is a great way to speed up your product creation as they allow you to automatize most parts of your product creation.

When to use a Template product

Whenever your products share properties that are not in a New product, one should consider creating a template product.

Custom scene lighting,
Camera positions
Configurator layouts/structure

How to use a Template product?

After you have created your Template product, Duplicate the product and make the needed changes to the copy.

Template configurator

3D Configurators are often the most time-consuming products you can build. This is why it is important to plan ahead so that you can reduce the amount of work needed.

Build your template using simple objects

When building your configurator structure, you do not have to start with your actual assets. To save time in planning, you can build the structure using simple shapes.

After done, you can then add your real objects.

Replace mesh

Replace texture will allow you to update your meshes without in all your material.

Learn more: Replace Mesh

Replace texture

Replace texture will allow you to update a texture in all your material. When used in a Template product, this feature helps you update textures that are unique to each product. The most common of which is the Ambient Occlusion map

Learn more: Replace Texture

Using Template product with tiled textures

Tiled textures are amazing as they can be reused in any product with the same result. But, your model's UV mapping will determine how many times the texture needs to be repeated in X and Y directions. This can be a problem when using template products as you will need to adjust the tiling value in each Material to match your product.

To bypass this issue, you can instead prepare your 3D models so that they all have UV maps of similar size. This way all your products can reuse the same materials with the same tiling value.

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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