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Environment - What & How to use?

The default lighting in the Sayduck Platform is Image-based lighting. From the Environment settings, you can adjust Environment map intensity and upload Custom environment maps.

Changes made will apply to all Variants in the product.

How to change Environment settings?

To learn how to make changes to Environment, check out this video:

Environment map intensity

Intensity will globally increase the light emitted from the Environment map. If the intensity is set to 0, all Materials will appear black.

Default Environment map

Our default Environment maps are optimised for performance and will work perfectly in all products.

Fast (100kb), medium (300kb) and slow (600kb) performance options adjust the resolution of the map.

Custom Environment map

To add a custom Environment map, select Custom Map and upload your image. To revert back to default, delete the map or select one from the dropdown.

Format & resolution

The maximum resolution for the Environment map is 2048x1024.

Supported formats:


Environment lighting on AR

The changes made to the Environment lighting will only be added to the 3D viewer. These settings will not be translated to the AR assets.

Both iOS and Android AR viewers use their own Environment map and lighting settings that can not be changed from the Sayduck Platform.

To see this yourself, try out this AR in this product:

How to make my model look brighter in AR?

You can make your model appear brighter in AR by decreasing the Environment intensity in the 3D viewer and increasing the Material RGB values.

This will only work for darker color as white materials can be only made brighter by increasing the lighting.

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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