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Mesh - What & How to use?

What is a Mesh

Mesh is the structural build/geometry of a 3D model consisting of polygons.

How to add Meshes to your product?

Meshes are added to your product when you upload 3D assets. To do this:

Drag & drop asset file to the product editor or use the assets button.

After processed, meshes in your 3D file will be listed in your Product assets for later use.

How to use Meshes?

Meshes listed in your product assets can later be used to add new Nodes to the 3D scene. To do this:

Drag & drop

Drag & drop a Mesh from resources to the Scene or the 3D viewer.

Add node

Click Add node and choose a Mesh from the dropdown.

Replace Mesh

Replace Mesh is used to update individual Mesh assets. Uploaded 3D file will replace the selected mesh.

This is mainly used to easily update individual meshes in your product

How to Replace Mesh?

To replace a Mesh, click to select it and drag & drop the new 3D file to the upload icon.

The uploaded asset file should only have the single Mesh that you wish to replace

Camera Ignore

By default, the 3D viewer will always center to all the Nodes in the 3D Scene.

Camera Ignore can be used to make the 3D viewer focus only on the desired models.

How to enable Camera Ignore?

To enable, select the Mesh and click Camera Ignore.

Camera Ignore not working?

For the Camera Ignore to work, the ignored Mesh can not be in the same group as the not ignored Meshes.

To move the Mesh, drag & drop it out of the Group.

Updated on: 07/03/2023

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