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Product Properties

Product Properties

The information on the product properties is mainly used exclusively within the Sayduck Platform.

You can remove Name, Subtitle and Brand name from the 3D Viewer by adding hide-product-info to the embed code.


Product name that is displayed in the Viewer.


You can choose to add a subtitle to your product name. Subtitle and name will be separated with a "-".

Preview Images

Preview image will be displayed as your product icon image in the Products page.

Must include to publish your product

Brand (Business pro)

You can change the products brand, which in turn changes the Brand name in the Platform and also affects the logo on the 3D viewer.


Dimensions is a tool that allows users to display the dimensions of their product in the 3D viewer. These values will then be displayed when a user clicks the Dimensions icon in the 3D viewer toolbar.

The values added here will not impact the scale of your product.

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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