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Node - What & How to use?

Nodes refer to the 3D models visible in the 3D viewer. They are made out of three components: Mesh, Material & Position in the 3D space.


Mesh is the structural build/geometry of a 3D model consisting of polygons.

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Material is applied to the geometry to give the 3D model its colour and texture.

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Position in the 3D space

Position in the 3D space refers to its location, scale and rotation in the 3D scene.

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Add node to 3D scene

Meshes in your product assets can be used to create Nodes to your 3D scene. To do this:

Drag & drop

Drag & drop a Mesh from resources to the 3D scene or the 3D viewer.

Add node

Click Add node, and choose a Mesh and a Material from the dropdown. If you select only Mesh, it will be assigned a default material and added to the 3D scene.

Assign material to a node

Material can be assigned to Nodes in the 3D scene by:

Drag & drop

Drag & drop a Material from resources to Nodes in the 3D scene.

Select & assign

Select Node and choose Material from the dropdown to assign it.

Add Node groups

To create Node groups, click the Add group button. Nodes can then be assigned to the group with drag & drop.

Assign material to a Node Group

To assign Material to all Nodes in a group, drag & drop Material to the group name.

How to remove Node from the 3D scene?

Select the Node and click Remove. This will remove the Node from the 3D scene.

How to duplicate a Node?

Select the Node and click Duplicate. This will add a copy of that node to the 3D scene with the same properties as the original.

Change node position, size and rotation

The position, size and rotation can be adjusted with the TRS tool.

Freeform TRS

Select a node
Enable Freeform TRS
Choose an option - transform, rotate or scale
Drag pivot arrows to adjust the model.

Type in-value

Select a node
Adjust the Position/rotation/scale values
Click Save.

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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